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Jonamay Lambert

Founder & CEO

A Message from Jonamay

“Our passion and desire is to assist organizations and individuals reach new levels of success by understanding and demonstrating sensitivity, trust, appreciation, and respect (STAR behaviors). At JLA we model those behaviors every day with our clients with our valued JLA associates. These are not just words we ‘mandate’ or ‘prescribe’ to our client’s. They are our values that must be alive and vibrant in our own interactions with each other – at all times.

While I can’t say that we accomplish this daunting task to perfection, I can say that I am proud that after thirty years of growing this business, these values truly represent the foundation from which we all work and that we, like our clients, can never take simple human interaction for granted.”

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL.
  • Education: MA, Counseling Psychology; Certified Coach.
  • Describe your role at Jonamay Lambert & Associates and what you enjoy about it: The buck stops with me! I love developing tailored solutions that offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to be and do what is in their best interest to achieve their goals.
  • Your personal mission statement: Unlocking possibilities to ensure every person and organization has the opportunity to reach its full potential.
  • Surprising fact about you: Became a certified welder at 22 years old.
  • What do you value most?: Family, faith and the empowerment of self and others.

With 30 years of experience, Jonamay has engaged with a broad range of industries in the Fortune 500, 100 and many of the Top 50 companies recognized by Diversity, Inc. Jonamay is recognized for designing an integrated enterprise-wide D&I strategy based on business objectives that drive outcomes. She and the Lambert Associates provide support through exceptional consulting, including the development of business case, design and facilitation of D&I education and coaching.

Jonamay is a Partner of Spectra Diversity and co-creator of Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment. Spectra’s mission, to honor differences and help others create a diverse and inclusive workforce is very much aligned with Ms. Lambert’s personal and professional values. She is also the U.S. licensee distributor of Life Transitions Pre-Retirement Getting the Life You Want™ and an Authorized Partner of WILEY and often participates as a Faculty member of the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication (SIIC).