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Individual Assessments

It all starts with knowing who we are. Our assessments start with identifying opportunities for both the organization and individuals to create an inclusive culture.

RespectAbility Self-Awareness Assessment™

This assessment is built around three core competencies. Each of these competencies has five behavioral indicators and may be used to identify individual D&I strengths and areas of opportunity. Individuals receive their own report, which can be used as a personalized development plan to increase D&I competencies. An average of all employees is provided to the organization, which may be used to determine training needs.

Spectra Diversity & Inclusion Profile™

A unique and excellent new tool that measures data for both individuals, as well as the organization. A user-friendly, online instrument affords the organization critical data and actionable feedback. Based on a 5-step developmental model and statistically-validated, the instrument’s strength is that it goes beyond measuring individual behaviors and attitudes, and assesses management and organizational practices and policies.

Individual Interviews

Qualitative data is gathered to offer context to organizational data and help refine specific strategies for implementing D&I solutions.

Focus Groups

This approach to data collection provides comprehensive qualitative information about the culture of the organization from the specific perspectives of groups often formed to represent specific demographics.

Quantitative surveys can answer the what (what are the differences in perceptions for example) and qualitative research (e.g. focus groups) can answer the why. The result helps gain insight and ideas to help build innovative solutions to challenges.

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