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Organizational Assessments

Knowing how your organization is perceived by your employees is the first step to creating a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. JLA offers a variety of assessment tools to get you the data needed to get started.

Organizational Data Review

Analyzing an organization’s existing quantitative data through the lens of Diversity and Inclusion is incredibly valuable when determining where, when and how to apply resources for a D&I initiative. Our process is to gather as much of the information using our proprietary D&I Scorecard.

Spectra Diversity & Inclusion Profile™

A unique and excellent new tool that measures data for both individuals as well as the organization. A user-friendly online instrument affords the organization critical data and actionable feedback. Based on a 5-step developmental model and statistically validated, the instrument’s strengths is that it surpasses measuring individual behaviors and attitudes, and assesses management and organizational practices and policies.

Workforce Diversity Planning Analysis

Workforce diversity planning analysis assesses your current level of workforce diversity and designates a roadmap for building off or improving your current state.

“3P”™ – Policy, Practices and Procedures HR Audit

We will analyze current HR operations to ensure they are effective and equitable to support a diverse workforce.


Offered through our alliance partner, TalentRISE™, it is a quick, cost-effective evaluation of your talent acquisition practices. These include acquisition practice stakeholders, analysis of quarterly pertinent recruiting data and annual comparison with a third-party industry benchmarking tool and supporting consultation.

Benchmark Audit

In addition to the internal analysis, a comprehensive cultural audit should include external benchmarking to review best practices and public/community perceptions of your organization. The cultural audit process, when done well, will reveal those areas in which your organization excels and those that need additional attention. The goals and objectives are developed based on findings of the cultural audit.

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