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Sexual Harassment: Do We Know It When We See It?

There is a corporate speechwriter who refuses to open a speech with a joke. He explains, “Three things can happen when you tell a joke in a speech, and two of them are bad: the audience laughs; no one laughs, or the joke offends the listeners, and you’ve lost all hope...

Same Words, Opposing Meanings

When the words “Black Lives Matter” are spoken, some people hear, “Black Lives ALSO Matter”, while others hear, “ONLY Black Lives Matter.” To some, the expression is an attempt for understanding, justice, and equal treatment. However to others, it is a threat, a...

The Playboy Conundrum

Fall 2016 – Playboy magazine’s decision to feature its first transgender Playmate raises a conundrum: Does this represent progress for the transgender community or an example of inexcusable sexual objectification.

Behind the Equation: Diversity + Inclusion = Employee Engagement

Summer 2016 – The research is clear. A diverse workforce represents a sound business imperative. The more diverse a work team, the more it is innovative, creative, and effective. Diversity along all dimensions shatters the propensity for “group-think” that often leads to mediocrity, conventional solutions, or uninspired initiatives.