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Behind the Equation: Diversity + Inclusion = Employee Engagement

The research is clear. A diverse workforce represents a sound business narrative. The more diverse a work team, the more it is innovative, creative, and effective. Diversity along all dimensions shatters the weaknesses of “group-think”. THis typically leads to mediocrity, conventional solutions, or uninspired initiatives. A 2014 article in Forbes Magazine explains how Reaping The Benefits Of Diversity For Modern Business Innovation is crucial. As diversity practitioners, however, you understand just how challenging leveraging the benefits of inclusion can be. When handled poorly, D&I can be a messy, controversial, and uncomfortable endeavor.

Yet, the advantages are worth the effort. It is only when we make mistakes or feel uncomfortable that we grow and learn. Such is the paradox of diversity and inclusion! A recent article in The Atlantic briefly explores this paradox within American society. The U.S. is one of the most religious and religiously diverse countries in the world. Compared to others, one of the most accepting of religious diversity, too. Our diversity actually drives this acceptance. By leveraging diversity, companies can encourage inclusion, and in the process, advance employee engagement. JLA can help your leaders understand the connection between D&I and employee engagement.

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