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Client established Diversity & Inclusion Council and created a Women Employee Resource Group to counteract minority employee turnover in Sales Department. The organization elevated the importance of D&I as business issue. A competitive advantage was gained through the restructuring of Sales Teams to reflect the market diversity.


Client needed a 3-year strategic plan at a time when its Global Council had lost momentum. The Global Council was restructured and a customized global strategy was developed to insure reflection of local market needs. The Council was reenergized. This new focus led to increase in achievement of strategic goals.


Client had disjointed approach to D&I and was experiencing diversity and inclusion fatigue. Senior team developed a robust framework for the D&I strategy. Leadership engagement increased through developing a common definition of D&I and identification of major areas of opportunities. As a result, existing D&I Council had clear direction and was empowered to move to action.
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“Amazing workshop! I really enjoyed the content and appreciated the presentation style.”

“Jonamay was approachable and very knowledgeable.”

“Workshop was excellent. The exercises were helpful and thought-provoking.”

“Jonamay did a wonderful job engaging and keeping the meeting moving forward.”