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Work & Life Coaching

Preparing for retirement or – on the business side – the departure of key employees due to retirement is something that requires preparation. But, this is far from the only consideration.

Jonamay Lambert & Associates offers life planning and retirement coaching programs to help executives and employees alike identify and plan for key transitions and speedbumps that may arise throughout the course of their professional career.

Executive Pre-Retirement Coaching

Addressing the potential departures or retirement of senior executives can be full of uncertainty, confusion and sometimes fear. The process may cause a slip in productivity and loss of valuable experience and knowledge if not properly planned for.

Our Executive coaching program helps leaders within organizations plan for the future, leverage current contribution and prepare their legacy. This process creates clarity, outlines action steps and ensures forward momentum by reaping the benefits of increased stability, improved morale and sustained productivity.

Some of Jonamay Lambert & Associates’ key targets include clarifying long and short-term goals, developing action plans and timelines, planning crucial conversations and family considerations. One-on-one coaching is available to provide privacy and discretion regarding the executive’s life planning.

Mid-Career Coaching – Half-Time

Sometimes professionals reach a crisis at the mid-point of their career. Sometimes we lose the spark or passion for the things we once enjoyed. In fact, surveys show that job satisfaction in the U.S. currently is at extremely low levels.

Our “Half-Time” coaching program is a one-on-one, tailored-designed program aimed at assisting mid-career professionals identify their ideal job or next career move, and how best to make the transition.

It is important to find happiness in your work and career. Staying in a career that’s not a fit has negative impacts on employees and employers alike. For the benefit of each, it is important that individual goals are established and plans are executed.

Couple Pre-Retirement Life Planning Coaching – Getting the Life You Want

Retirement not only affects the retiree. Retirement also impacts your family and loved ones. A lot of information is available to help people financially plan for retirement, yet very little time has been devoted to the effect on relationships and personal wellbeing. Our Getting the Life You Want™ program is designed to prepare couples for life planning changes and transitions as a result of retirement. Coaching provides information and examples to convey critical concepts and assist couples explore feelings and future planning.

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