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“Change is the end result of all true learning.”
– Leo Buscaglia

Education & Competency Building

JLA offers customized solutions that help you build the internal capabilities to sustain your Diversity & Inclusion efforts for years to come. We design and facilitate educational courses and seminars both on-site and in a virtual classroom, based on what is most convenient for you. Each session is tailor-made to focus on your organization’s specific goals and objectives.

Our educational offerings begin with the end in mind. Each program has a pre and post-assessment tool. We use an experiential approach. Our design is based on incorporating adult learning theory that builds: Awareness, Knowledge and Skills and Application.

Our library of existing courseware can be shared with clients looking for successfully deployed programs. These preexisting programs can be used as a starting place that can be further customized.

Building Internal Capabilities

Although we develop long-term partner relationships, our goal is to help you build internal capabilities to ensure sustainability.

RespectAbility™: Building a Workplace of Respect and Inclusion

This program incorporates current research on emotional, cultural intelligence and neuroscience. Participants not only learn concepts, but have a personal experience that allows them to fully understand the impact respect has on workplace attitudes, culture and overall productivity. They leave with tools and the know how to develop an action plan to create and maintain a healthy workplace where all employees feel respected and valued.

Developing Cultural Competence

This approach not only educates others on the meaning and benefits of cultural competence, but it instills the requirements and values needed to tap an organization’s full potential:

  • Awareness of diversity-related values and beliefs.
  • A favorable Attitude towards them.
  • Diverse and inclusive Knowledge of cultures and walks of life.
  • The Skills to manage these differences.

Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue Series

This unique approach engages large and small groups of individuals interested in real dialogue. These learning circles offer participants a safe environment to explore a wide range of Diversity and Inclusion topics that may not be easy or appropriate discuss in other forums. Not only do participants gain different perspectives but recommendations provide potential solutions to create a more inclusive workplace.

Learn more about our additional Dialogue and Food for Thought Series.

D&I Competencies for Leaders and Champions

This integrated D&I Leadership Competency program offers an assessment to measure the D&I maturity level of individuals. It includes six modules of education to develop skills and subject matter expertise.

Leaders will help the organization foster and sustain an inclusive culture that ultimately leads to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Other Offerings

Jonamay Lambert & Associates offers a large selection of courses, programs and educational sessions – far more than we could ever list here.

  • Gender at Work
  • The Hidden Messages in Bias
  • ABC’s of Interviewing Without Bias
  • Team Building for Diverse Work Groups
  • Diversity, Differences, Conflict and Controversy
  • Communicating with Confidence and Competence
  • The Power of Words

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