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September 20, 2018, Developing a Cross-Generational Skillset

Five generations comprise the current workforce. Each has different expectations, priorities, and approaches. Learn practical ways to engage all generations for business success. #CrossGenerationalSkills Register.




March 22, 2018   Generational Perspective of Working Women

The last 75 years have witnessed revolutionary changes in the status of women in business. During this webinar, we examined the journey from domesticity to Leaning-in and the C-Suite.

January 23, 2018    Identity and Sexual Harassment: Managing a Tipping Point

This webinar will focus on empowering employees to be prepared when faced with emotional and physical safety threats and sexual harassment and assault. A unique perspective will include how these issues impact transgender individuals.


January 24, 2018    Strategies for Engaging in Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue

Diversity Roundtable of Central Indiana

Developing an organizational culture with effective implementation of a consciously inclusive culture requires strategies and processes that engage employees in meaningful dialogue. The presentation will provide a unique approach to dialogue based on a methodology allowing a safe, non-threatening way for individuals to gain insight of different perspectives that support the development of an inclusive workplace. Participants learn how to observe, listen and respond to the experiences and values of others.

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