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Gloria Cotton

Senior Facilitator

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL.
  • Education: BS, Psychology, Loyola University Chicago.
  • Describe your role at JLA and what you enjoy about it: I’ve partnered with JLA to design and develop face-to-face and virtual training that other JLA master facilitators. Our focus is on working more efficiently and effectively together to optimize individual contributions while promoting and strengthening collaboration.
  • Your personal mission statement: To help create environments where everyone can be and do their best.
  • Surprising fact about you: I’m a classically trained dramatic soprano and have represented the United States internationally.
  • What do you value most? Spirituality and integrity.

An expert HR and organizational development professional, Gloria has more than 25 years of experience working with corporate, non-profit, union, non-union, and government entities. She is committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations create and sustain environments where all people can be and do their best. Gloria is highly respected and much sought-after for her work as an instructional designer and master facilitator. She has covered a wide array of topics, including leadership, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, and privilege.

Gloria has experience working for professional organizations such as the American Society for Training and Development and the Human Resources Management Association Committee.