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Griselda Garibay

Director – Marketing and Operations

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL.
  • Education: MBA, DePaul University; MS, DePaul University (in progress).
  • Describe your role at Jonamay Lambert & Associates and what you enjoy about it: As Director of Marketing and Operations, I take pride in supporting and tracking the delivery of quality services for JLA along with expanding its reach.
  • Your personal mission statement: Complacency leads to mediocrity.
  • Surprising fact about you: I have a degree in French as a Second Language.
  • What do you value most?: Family, faith and friends.

Griselda Garibay is an accomplished consultant with 20 years of project and account management and facilitation experience in a variety of industries ranging from diversity consulting to education and nonprofit. She has proven superior interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills to motivate diverse audiences. At JLA, Griselda acts as director of marketing and operations making sure client products exceed client expectations and engagements run smoothly and are aligned with their budget.

Griselda is a board member of Farther Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting educational travel experiences for high-achieving, low-income youth. Additionally, she volunteers for Translators Without Borders.