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Melanie Miller

Senior Facilitator

  • Hometown: North Florida.
  • Education: Marketing degree.
  • Describe your role at Jonamay Lambert & Associates and what you enjoy about it: I am a Senior Facilitator. I love what I do and I very much appreciate the relationship I have with Jonamay. She and her organization have such a passion for the work we do. Jonamay’s integrity, compassion and professionalism are unmatched in the industry.
  • Your personal mission statement: I seek to embrace and transform the human condition.
  • Surprising fact about you: I was a model for a few years.
  • What do you value most? Family and friends that are like family.

Having worked in corporate America (including Coca-Cola, AT&T, Microsoft, and Lockheed Martin) for many years in a sales and advertising capacity, Melanie uses her “business lens” to provide consulting, training, culture audits, keynoting and needs assessments throughout North America and internationally. Additionally, she has developed numerous programs incorporating the multi-facets of leading, managing and leveraging organizational strength through leadership and inclusion.

Her professionalism, customer focus, quality, respect and integrity are the values she uses to achieve stellar results.