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Lifestyle Modeling Software

In most cases, the key to handling life’s major transitions – expected or unexpected – is having one’s financial affairs in order. Financial security allows for more flexibility in taking on what life throws at you.

Therefore, financial planning is an important part of lifestyle planning, and a key focus by Jonamay Lambert & Associates, which led us to the development of our own unique Lifestyle Modeling Software©.

Our Lifestyle Modeling Software© allows your employees to take a fair, unbiased and factual look at the financial realities of the vision they have developed for their future. The software creates a model, based on accurate or carefully estimated dollar amounts, and provides a graph of financial realities in the near future.

The marvelous thing about the financial model is that the scenarios that have been created can be modified with a few keystrokes. Different scenarios are developed by entering different numbers, until the right one is found. This financial planning tool helps employees build a strategy for their transition, which they can take to their financial planner for assistance in ensuring they’ll have what they need for their future.

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