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Our Process

What is it like to work with Jonamay Lambert & Associates?

JLA’s tried and true process allows us to understand each and every one of our clients. At JLA, we don’t believe in using a cookie cutter approach. We listen. Ask questions. Observe. Analyze. Interact. We take you beyond off-the-shelf products and buzzwords to real change. Real progress. Real results.

Here’s what it’s like to work with us:


Our approach is to discover the true needs of our clients and move forward with that in mind.

A variety of tools are used, including needs assessments, focus groups, individual interviews, surveys and cultural audits — all with the goal of determining strengths and weaknesses, identifying obstacles and opportunities while establishing the “as is” current state.


Our most successful endeavors are designed through a collaborative process in full partnership with our clients.

We partner throughout this critical stage to customize our products and services, leveraging our vast design expertise and past clients.

The end result is products and services ensured to deliver the desired outcomes. 


Our delivery methodology is customizable to accomodate your specific needs, whether it is timing and/or the delivery approach. 

We are relentless when matching the unique talents of our associate pool to the appropriate client engagement.

Our staff, facilitators, trainers, coaches and consultants are nothing short of world-class.


Measurement is critical to your success and is key to JLA’s core philosophy.

A baseline understanding provides a roadmap.

That’s why we begin every engagement with an assessment and end with an evaluation to measure outcomes. 


Your success is inextricably tied to ours.

We listen to clients’ unique needs and work to tailor solutions that will work.

That is why our unique relationship with our clients often results in a long-term partnership and lasting benefits.






Our approach to building positive interpersonal relationships and a culture of inclusion.

Ready to begin?

We’d love to share our approach to find the perfect solution for your organization.