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Trainer's Diversity Source Book

Compelling, interactive, engaging activities that foster inclusive, positive environments that encourage participants to examine diversity issues through different lenses.

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Global Competence

50 Activities aimed at improving success in international business by avoiding embarrassing situations caused by not knowing cultural ideosyncrasies.

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50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

This collection of activities, self-assessments, and exercises is especially useful as a resource to introduce the issue of conflict and its resolution as a part of workshops on management, leadership, communication, negotiation, and diversity.

Available at hrdpress.com

50 Activities for Diversity Training

Employees at all levels will be stimulated by interactive learning about cultural and gender differences and mastering new skills for communicating effectively in a diverse workplace.

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Webinars are hosted to virtually gather people from all across the globe. Sessions will give practical tools for meeting the needs of your changing work environment. 

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