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Understanding the reality of diversity and knowing how to leverage the strengths of a diverse workforce are two different things. With over 30 years experience in diversity, leadership and culture change, Jonamay Lambert & Associates (JLA) understands the subtle nuances and distinctive needs of a diverse workplace. Discover how you can benefit from our knowledge with our Diversity Equity Training in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Whether you are just beginning to discern the importance of D&I or you’ve had a lot of “activity” but haven’t figured out how to obtain meaningful and measurable results, we can help. JLA partners with you to design a customized solution with tangible metrics for each step in your journey.

JLA’s services range from developing relevant strategies and assessing the current landscape, to designing innovative curriculum and building internal capabilities. These offerings will help create an inclusive culture that integrates differences and untapped creativity in ways to enhance your organization’s performance.

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