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Work & Life Planning Workshops

Making a career transition can be one of the most extreme changes any person can undergo. Without proper preparation, semi-retirement, full-retirement and other types of career and life changes can be very stressful and can blindside you.

Jonamay Lambert & Associates’ pre-retirement and lifestyle planning program features in-person and online workshops and webinars intended to teach and prepare your employees to enter the world of retirement.

Pre-Retirement Corporate Workshop

Our corporate workshop can be hosted on the premises of your company or in an off-site location of your preference. The workshop provides a comfortable group setting to help your employees prepare for making the sometimes difficult transition into retirement or other types of career changes.

The format is designed to be open and engaging, allowing everyone to participate in the conversation. Jonamay Lambert & Associates’ workshop combines technology with a self-discovery processes that leaves individuals with a clearer vision of their lives and their path to a successful and stress-free retirement.

Pre-Retirement Online Workshop

For situations in which it may be hard to coordinate all your employees at once, we also offer an online program. The online workshop is self-paced and designed to help employees prepare for retirement using material from our in-person workshops.

The process is simplified and streamlined to provide individual users a step-by-step, self-study program. Information and examples illustrate fundamental concepts about the transition. The online program features a workbook, which allows documents to be saved and revisited at a later time.

Pre-Retirement Webinar

Jonamay Lambert & Associates also hosts a pre-retirement webinar series that provides the same content as our other workshops. This three-part series addresses the needs of employees who prefer interaction with a facilitator.

Employees who take part in the webinar receive downloadable materials. Our webinar series is perfect for companies with a geographically separated workforce.

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